AP Engineering Services Case Studies:

Electrical Documentation Update:

Our customer was relocating machines in its factory and as their work progressed, they realized that there were incomplete electrical drawings for the plant. We were contracted to generate new documentation that could be used during the upgrade of the facility and for maintenance after the upgrade...

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Level Wind Slitter Upgrade:

Our customer had a recurring product quality problem that caused a consiOur customer had a recurring product quality problem that caused a considerable loss in production. An existing tool slit material into 18 strands, which were then re-spooled onto individual cores. During the re-spooling operation, a thin one-inch wide polyurethane liner was added to one side of the material...

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Documentation Integration Management Case Study:

A major Fortune 100 industrial manufacturer had purchased two companies with a combined value of nearly $600M. As part of the integration process of these geographically disparate companies, all the process documentation, technical documentation and specifications that define the acquired companies’ products needed to be updated, converted into common formats and protocols and, in some cases, created from legacy hand drawings and sketches, and inserted into the new parent company documentation system…..

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